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Frequently Asked Questions...

Every year my trees drip something like sap and it sticks to my car, what can be done for this?

This is not sap! Your tree is infested with aphids, a tiny insect that feeds on plant tissue.  The sticky substance is actually their waste product.  Your trees need to be sprayed and/or injected to help contain this problem. Remember, you need to prevent the emergence of the insects, so it is necessary to do preventive applications in early spring.  Please contact us for a FREE ESTIMATE on our Organic Based services at anaturalsolution@msn.com  or if interested in our other services, Click here to visit our Services Page.

Is there a way to save money on my annual service program?

A Natural Solution TM offers a 5% discount to customers who elect to prepay for the upcoming annual lawn and/or tree care services in advance.  If you have not prepaid in the past and are interested in saving 5% on your 2019 annual service program, please e-mail us at anaturalsolution@msn.com or call (509) 226-2122, (208) 660-0188.

"Necrotic ring spot" is present in my lawn, is it important to do all your Organic Based services & 2 aerations?

 possible to help contain the spread of the fungus.  Fertilizing with Organic or Natural materials on a consistent basis keeps the lawn healthy, and produces microbes in the soil which feed on the fungus.  Two aerations a year, spring and fall, provide air flow to the root zone, which helps to keep the fungus from spreading.  If you have a disease concern in your lawn and are interested in a FREE ESTIMATE on  A Natural Solution and it's Organic Based services or information about our Lawn Health Care Program, including the "Core Aeration", please e-mail us at anaturalsolution@msn.com or call (509) 226-2122 or (208) 660-0188. 


We usually only do a dormant oil, why is a complete 6 visit service program on our trees & shrubs so important?

Because insects can do damage to plants all throughout the season not only in spring, and insect or disease damage to a tree or shrub can be irreversible. It is extremely important to be on a preventative maintenance program to help stave off this damage. Waiting until you see an insect infestation or damage to the plant will be too late. 

A Natural Solution uses a combination of Naturally derived and Biologically derived insect controls throughout the season to help contain insect populations, without harming beneficial insect populations. If you are interested in learning more about our Tree Care services Click here to visit our Services Page.


NOTE:  We are an Organic BasedTM service company only.  We are not

Licensed to sell, nor do we sell products.  We only service specific

areas of Spokane and Kootenai counties.  See our service our area map



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