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A Natural Solution Lawn & Tree Care Services

 Our Organic Based Lawn, Tree & Shrub Care offers a safe alternative to traditional methods of lawn care & tree care.  All of our programs are based on your tolerance level towards pesticides. Applications are selectively done, so that you control the level of any products applied on your property.

Do not sacrifice the health of your family and pets for a beautiful landscape. Let A Natural Solution take the risks out of landscape services.

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Organic Based Lawn Care Services:

Our Annual Organic Based Lawn Care Service Program includes...

Organic Fertilization

Spot Weed Control

Pre-Emergent Crabgrass Control (as necessary)

Disease Control (as necessary)

Turf Insect Control (as necessary)

 Additional Beneficial Lawn Care Services we offer include...

(Click on service to read informational card about each beneficial service.)

Core Aeration

Limestone (soil neutralization)

Organic Based Tree & Shrub Care Services:

 Our Annual Organic Based Tree and Shrub Care Service Program includes the following services...

Organic Dormant Oil Applications

Naturally Derived Insect Control

Organically Derived Insect Control

Selective Disease Control

Organic Based Deep Root Injection Feeding

We also offer Tree Insect Control Soil Injections to control insect activity, for those trees too large to effectively treat topically. 

Organic Based Shrub Bed Weed Management:

We offer a combination program of Pre-emergent  (prior-to-germination) and Post-emergent (after-germination) weed controls to help control weed, grass and sapling occurrence in your shrub bed and gravel areas.

 2 annual Organic Pre-Emergent applications... 

* Early spring   * Late fall


 4 annual Post-Emergent  "biologically derived" weed control applications...

               * Late spring  * Early summer  * Late summer  * Early Fall

 All Natural Perimeter Insect Barrier:

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Help to protect your home from insect invasion with a barrier treatment around your home’s perimeter, using a product that is safe for pets, kids and plants. Our Perimeter Insect Barrier is an all-natural, application, designed to place an insect repelling shield around your home. It is your homes first line of defense against insect population from entering your home.

Our natural, 4 Application Program helps to constantly keep insect population entering your home under control, so they do not become a nuisance. Total insect eradication is not possible nor is it an environmentally sound practice.

4 All Natural Perimeter Insect Barrier applications...


           * Late spring  * Early summer  * Late summer * Early Fall

A Natural Solution’s All-Natural Perimeter Insect Barrier will help to shield your home from:

Aggressive House Spiders / Certain other Spiders

Ants / Beetles

Earwigs / Centipedes / Millipedes

Other crawling insects... 


Please call or text to schedule a free estimate at (509) 226-2122 or email anaturalsolution@msn.com

Customer Testimonial about Insect Barrier Service

A Natural Solution provided the insect barrier treatment around my home for the last two years and I am extremely satisfied with the results. Prior to the treatments we had aggressive house spiders and sometimes earwigs present in our home, now it is clear of those pests. We have a 6 year old granddaughter and I feel comfortable that it is safe to use around her and am relieved that I no longer have to contend with the dangerous spiders.

Terry & Cheryl F.


NOTE:  We are an Organic Based service company only.  We are not

licensed to sell, nor do we sell products.  We only service specific

areas of Spokane and Kootenai counties. Please call to confirm, if you are in our service area.


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