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When is your mowing day...

  If you are a customer of A Natural Solution and you have an outside mowing service, please contact us as soon as possible at anaturalsolution@msn.com or call (509) 226-2122, with the day they mow. This way, we can schedule your services around your mowing date to allow for the maximum benefits of our services.

Update on 2021 service season start date...

The 2021 service season will begin in early March. Your service starting time frame will be dependent on your property location and weather conditions. If you were a customer in 2020, your services are automatically scheduled for 2021, unless otherwise notified.  We will be contacting you, prior to your first service of the season. if you have any questions, please e-mail us at anaturalsolution@msn.com or call (509) 226-2122.

As always, Thank You for choosing A Natural Solution Lawn and Tree Care Services.

Prepay and Save on 2021 Services...  

 A Natural Solution offers a 5% discount to customers who elect to prepay for the upcoming annual lawn and/or tree care services in advance.  If you have not prepaid in the past and are interested in saving 5% on your 2021 annual service program, please e-mail us at anaturalsolution@msn.com or call (509) 226-2122.


All Natural Perimeter Insect Barrier...

A Natural Solution  now proudly offers a non-visible liquid All Natural Perimeter Insect Barrier  as an additional service to your already existing lawn and tree care programs.

Helping to Keep Insects Outside ~ Where they belong. 

More information can be found through our Services page or e-mail us at anaturalsolution@msn.com, if you would like more information on this All Natural & Organic, beneficial service.



Using Limestone to help contain Moss invasion...

 Moss invasion is a common problem in our wet, soggy Northwest environment. This problem is enhanced by the acidic soil common in our area.  Pine trees on your property can make this problem worse,  as they drop needles that sit on the lawn, and leech acidic materials into the soil, further lowering the pH levels.

            By applying heavy amounts of limestone (calcium carbonate) to your lawn annually, we can help neutralize the pH level of the soil, which is the optimal environment for maximum grass root activity, and minimal moss activity.

            This limestone application, combined with 2 aerations, proper watering & mowing and a full organic lawn fertilization program, will greatly reduce heavy moss problems in your lawn.

            A Natural Solution can apply Limestone with your first lawn care visit of the year or anytime of year.  If you would like to know more about this additional service, please e-mail us at anaturalsolution@msn.com or call (509) 226-2122.


Watering concerns...

As we service properties this season and temperatures begin to increase, we notice quite a few lawns not being watered properly or at all.  If you would like a general watering guide to help you set up your sprinkler system schedule for this year, we have provided the following links, Watering Guide (if you live in a sandy area, Watering Guide-Sand)


NOTE:  We are an Organic Based service company only.  We are not

licensed to sell, nor do we sell products.  We only service specific area of

Spokane and Kootenai counties. Please call to confirm, if you are in our service area.



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